2015 Concussion Certification Due before the Season


Your NFHS Concussion Certification is due before the season:

   * Go to NFHS Concussion Certification Site.

   * Click the green “Sign-in” button if you already have an account….

   * Or, click the “Register” button if you have never logged in before.

   * Click the “Order Course” button.

   * Even though you are “ordering” a course, it is free of charge.

   * Select “Massachusetts” in the drop down box.

   * Click the “Checkout” button.

   * Click the check box to accept terms, then click “Continue.”

   * Click the “click here” link to complete the “purchase.”

   * Click the “My Course” button to see your courses.

   * Click “Begin Course” when you’re ready to begin taking the course.

   * Allow at least 20 minutes to complete the course & get a certificate.

   * Upon completing the course, save the PDF to your harddrive.

   * Email ONLY the certificate number to JosephLavoieSr@gmail.com.

   * You must complete this certification to officiate.